Not From Here
A Novel by Marcel V. Côté
Anton Dupree is a talented young musician who is convinced he was born in this world by mistake. Prompted by a dream he can't remember, he leaves his Iowa hometown for the city, believing he can change the world with his music. When he meets Kliff, a streetwise youth with connections to all levels of society, high and low, he sets off on a hallucinatory journey of sudden, surprising fame. He soon learns that he is being helped by a shadowy network that controls everything from drug traffic to the media, run by the mysterious Colonel Reinhold. Meanwhile his childhood friend Timmins, a reclusive painter whose art can tell the future, remains locked in his Iowa bedroom, using their telepathic bond to follow Anton's adventures.
Anton's music and controversial opinions make him a star, proving his worth to the Colonel. Seduced by Kliff, now his manager, he visits the Citadel, the Colonel's headquarters which exists in a different reality from our own. He becomes Reinhold's intimate confidant, but when Reinhold asks him to be the prophet of a new religion, this is a step too far. Sick of the manipulation that has fueled his career, Anton turns on the Colonel and tries to expose his secrets, only to realize that the Citadel is too powerful to fight. Forced to flee, he returns to Iowa to say farewell to Timmins, before ending his life as a martyr in the Utah desert. An old man now, Timmins is famous for paintings that have foretold the collapse of society as we know it. He wonders if Anton's moment of glory ever really happened, or if it was just a fantasy of his youth.
Read the prologue of the novel, "Anton's Dream," here. Read "The Citadel," one of the major turning points, here. If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like a PDF of the full manuscript, please contact me at