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I’m writing to you from Asheville, North Carolina. This blog will deal with politics, religion and culture, and the intersections among the three. The hidden fourth subject is technology, because that is what enables us to communicate in this way. I live out of my briefcase, which in my case is a computer that contains my life’s work in various media, whether photography, writing, sound or programming code. Wherever I take it I can plug into the internet, and sometimes I don’t even have to do that, because the signal comes to me without a wire. I’m not some kind of crazy man or prophet hearing voices in the ether. That’s technology, and you’re using it too. Even the young people of Morocco are using it, to pursue romances in faraway countries, chat with their emigrant relatives, or in rare cases inform themselves about the world. So when I say I’m in Asheville, North Carolina, that’s not really so. I’m here at Drop me a line.


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