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Travel Update

I’ve been in Morocco for twelve days now, after spending a few days each with friends in Princeton, New Jersey and then Paris. With all this traveling and a series of encounters with people I’d never met before, such as Ayoub and Hisham and Yahia and Adel, I’ve fallen behind on my blogging “responsibilities.” I have a backlog of photos and stories I’d like to share with you, but the sheer fact of the adventures I’ve been having, and the inconvenience of life on the road, have made it difficult to follow through. Still, I expect to begin updating this space “live from Morocco” within the next few days. For now, rest assured that I’m enjoying myself, and I’m in good hands among old and new friends.


Comment from Maysaloon
Time: July 7, 2009, 15:44

Welcome back, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on Morrocco as I’ve been wanting to visit it for ages! Also, was it Hisham from the Miraat blog that you met?

Comment from eatbees
Time: July 7, 2009, 17:33

Maysaloon — Yes, it was THAT Hisham ;)

For some quick first impressions of my return to Morocco, see my latest post.

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